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Aaj kal will powr ki jaruri bht he . agar aap log with time will power increase nhi kar paye toh ye century mein rehna aur kuch karna apne liye bht hi muskil he …

Koi v things uthalo if we dont activate our frontal lobe which now a days we lack then our hormones are so stupid they will take u to a different path without having ny awareness of what am i doing here .

Damn its always “you vs you”…

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U said it right✋ It’s a fight with our own self.


Are ocean di . remembered me ?


Who 🤔

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Oky. I get u. But don’t u think wht I shared wid u, u shouldn’t tell publicly.


I was trying to know me indirectly…am sorry madam .


I ws trying you*


I deleted it


It’s ok


Should i send u req ?




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