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A class 10 student here…!

I have my preboards in a week…
I haven’t studied anything
Literally nothing…!!😞😞
I have like 6-7 chapters left in each subjects
I copied in my first semester test…and we just had 2 tests till now in school…( they didn’t even took monthly test)

I wasn’t able to study as in our house we are 10 people and 6 had corona one by one…so 4-5 months I couldn’t concentrate properly…
My parents expect 90% and i am on verge of failing
I have tuitions but the teachers told that they can’t do anything now
Please suggest me what should I do
Or tell some ways to die/ suicide easily 😭😭

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please please please take 10 deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are a few of the many resources available
Post anonymously?

Exams are nothing to die for man.
Even a week is enough from now if you’re willing to put in efforts to score average.
First of all take help from your teachers …talk to them tell them the circumstances you’ve had they’ll help
Get to know what’s important and what’s not…there isn’t time to cover 100 percent of the syllabus.
Cover only those topics of the subjects that’ll help you get average marks.
Start revising what you already know and keep the new chapter for later when you’re done with revision.
It’s easy just calm down…you just study and give your best…dont think of what you score will be
Rather than overthinking start studying…you can do it and I’m sure your parents too will understand later
All the best…and here to help😇❣


Also try managing you time a week and 7 chapters left from each subject
Finish 1 chapter from each subject everyday…go through it well and at the end of the day…just go through what you studied before going to sleep


Hey don’t stress out so much, breathe calm down, take deep breaths when you feel anxiety related to your academics, I’m in 12th and I’m facing a similar situation. Don’t panic. Chalk out the important syllabus and do that only. And don’t worry a lot bout pre board, these exams really don’t matter.

Plan your studying routine that would help with the anxiety

Do deep breathing from time to time

Believe that everything turns out okay in the end. And repeat that statement, and study to your best. Don’t take stress.