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a boy proposed me and I didn’t reply to him, so when I approached him after 1 month, he is ignoring me. I came to know from his friends that he still likes me but when I approach him and when I make him to say “I love you”. He says Sorry. But after he says sorry, I still having conversation with him but he is not telling me the reason why he don’t want to marry me.
1 month ago, he was in love with me but something happened suddenly to him right now that out of nowhere he wants me to marry with some other guy and he is not having any problem. How do I approach him and make him to say “I Love you”. I approached his friends to consult him but he rejected his friends. What should I do?

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Priyanshu @prinxz

Just reject him and do the same


So then confront him and ask .
Since it’s been long time he maybe moved on from his feelings for you
So just ask him frankly so hidden feelings can be seen
Maybe he is hiding his feelings because he has different thoughts
Good luck though

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ded @idk_mm

Serial shit man

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zah @elnino

dont force anything,
sometimes their behaviour is your answer, may be you’re scared you wasted your love on the wrong person, but that love will come back to you through the right person…


He either is genuinely hurt by ur not even reject ignore so u cant expect u could talk to him out nd be srry abt it or hes feels proposing u was wrng aftr ur ignorance even though he may still like u …as a person …third …hes probably treating u way u treated may be influenced by smone…nvr knw


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