How Are You Doing?

No, really? How are you doing today? This isn’t meant to be just a polite, conversation starter. We care about how you feel. Had a crappy day? That’s what Now&Me is for. It’s for you and all your moods.

It’s for the answer you give when someone asks you for the second time, “How are you?”

You should be able to tell people how you really feel. And that may not be possible in fleeting conversations. It may not be possible to take out the time to sit with a friend and pour your heart out. And that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

You must talk about whatever is bothering you. Don’t keep it locked up inside. Don’t be afraid to seek help. We understand that it takes an enormous amount of courage to admit that something is not right.

If you’ve never been one to ask for help, then Now&Me is for you.

If you’re someone who gets by with a little help from their friends, then Now&Me is for you.

Just release all the negative thoughts in your mind.

Allow this to be a healing process for yourself.

Why Now&Me?

The things we’ve done, the places we’ve been to, the thoughts we’ve thought and the emotions we’ve felt…they will always be our own. They make us unique.

Now&Me is a community that just gets it.

A community for people like you.

People who may have had similar experiences, who can reassure you that it’s going to be okay, and if not now then eventually.

They might advise you on what you should do to let go of what is bothering you.

You can talk about anything under the sun here.

Remember, “No problem is too big or too small.”

This space has been designed to be the comfort zone that no one’s trying to push you out of.

Read what the experts have to say about sharing one’s feelings : How Catharsis Helps

Now&Me is free for all and always will be. A safe cocoon in the form of moderated discussion forums, for you to let out your most intimate thoughts.

At Now&Me, we are trying to help you embrace the absence of something with the same frame of mind as its presence.

“Why me ?”

Getting comfortable with the idea of failure Getting rid of the negativity associated with it Looking forward and trying again

Now&Me is a shoulder for you to lean on.

Now&Me is a place where you can share your thoughts, knowing you will be listened to and not judged.

Vent your frustrations, failures, disappointments, regrets, sorrows, negativity.

Just dump them here. Breathe easy.

Find others like yourself.

Find the courage to speak and to act your mind without any filters.

Feel rejuvenated. Start the next day afresh.

There is comfort in knowing that I am not alone. There is peace in knowing I have another chance.

What About Us?

The idea to start Now&Me was to give everyone a chance to begin again.

To leave the insecurities of Instagram, the monotony of Facebook, the noise at Twitter...feel free to add any other social media outlets that have contributed to the stress we feel in our digital lives.

Digital Lives? Well, let’s face it. Our digital presence has become as much a part of our personality as our spiritual and physical being.

As wonderful a tool as social media might be to connect, inspire, learn and grow, it has not come without its fair share of struggles. With the trolling, the hate, the pressure to conform and to perform, it only seems to have added to our long list of tensions.

Being able to talk to someone who cares, listens and understands shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for a few.

We all need a support system to help us get through difficult times. Because life can be full of challenges, and there may be times when we feel like giving up.

But love, kindness and empathy trump what life might throw our way.

All we need to do is come to terms with our feelings, and allow ourselves to heal. We deserve it. We all do. Each and every one of us.

Use Now&Me. Use it to help yourself. Use it to help someone else.

It’s a beautiful place to be, a warm family that has got your back.

Start your journey on Now&Me today.

We promise we have some super cool ideas planned for you. So, stick around!

Only really good and positive vibes, filled with warmth, hugs and everything kind

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