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Now&Me user Tilak Senta (@jonwick22)

Tilak Senta @jonwick22

Member since Nov 2019

I am a very shy person and to join Now&Me gives me self confidence to express my feeling. I am a young businessman and I don't have much time but I want to spend my all free time on Now&Me.

Merlin Ralisha @merlin

Member since Oct 2020

Now&Me is really helpful to maintain a good mental health. People around the world who had the same problem as yours can help you to overcome it. They are really good listners and they give great advices which will make your life easier than it is. And also you can be a great listner and an advicer to other people too who needs your help. Really appreciate Now&Me.
Now&Me user Aishwariya E Mathew

Aishwariya E Mathew @aishwariya

Member since Jul 2019

Now&Me has helped me a lot during my hard times. I am a very reserved person and cant even open up to my friends when m stressed. I dont feel like troubling up my friends with my problems. And when it gets beyond my control i just come to this page and write out all my feelings..it helped me a lot and specially when people out their are so supporting and try out helping me..Today everywhere people are just spreading negativity but here its different even the broken people are helping each other in getting up and facing up their fears

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Vireet Randhawa Khaira
You never know the good one person can bring into your life, that is why Now&Me is an incredible platform to find your support. One of the key benefits of subscribing to Now&Me is the greater perceived empathy and respect that their community of peer supporters are seen to have for the individuals they support.
Arouba Kabir
Now&Me provides a unique platform which helps people through peer support. Claiming victory over an illness becomes easy when you have a friend to talk to, a shoulder to lean on and a heart that understands and thats what the duo is doing. I am super proud of them for this amazing initiative.
2020 has been an immensely difficult year for all of us in varying degrees but to top it off our inability to commune and share our burdens and stressors has made it more intense. Peer-to-Peer support is an initiative in the right direction. It creates an amazing platform for people to discuss issues and offload the thoughts they’re struggling most with in a safe space. Mostly we find that WE ARE NOT ALONE. In that knowledge we can be encouraged and strengthened to face tomorrow.

Now&Me is for you, if you relate to any of the emotions below

Heartache from your boyfriend breaking up with you
Insecurity because of people always making fun of your looks
Loneliness despite being surrounded by people
Manipulated by others because their needs always come before yours
Low self-esteem because you feel like you don’t belong anywhere
Sense of hopelessness because life feels meaningless

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