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Anyone up

Post anonymously?

Yeah, I’m still awake. It’s 3:45 AM right now.

how are you
I got my sleep broke and now I can’t sleep

I’m doing good, just deprived of sleep.

Yeah it happens with me sleepless night and nothing to do

And I can understand how difficult it is to sleep once you get up midway.

M gonna wake till morning now I know . During lockdown that was my routine I used to sleep at 10 than wake up 3 around than Marley used to open from 6-9 enjoy the lil freedom .
Than sleep
I miss lockdown actually

Yeah, lockdown got me high on laze too, but it could reign only till school resumed online, my bad.

Yeah I can imagine
Schooling that too online it’s a nightmare
It’s tough I think

It is tough, and tougher when you study online the whole session, and the school calls you to give annual examinations offline. :(

I can only imagine what you guys have been through
But still all the best
Exams are still going right

Thank you for your wishes! I hope they work out and save me.

They will work out 😂😂

That would be a great help!! :)

So what u studying?

I gotta study all the subjects that a student of class 9 studies.

Ohhhhh okay okay


hey. good morning. kushgpt
have a great day ahead.

Thanks bro
You too have a good day