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20 years old and already going to be 21 and all I have experienced since 2015 most of the time sadness,uncertainty about my future,no idea what next,no routine,no structure. If I look back it feels like when was I fully happy with my life and myself. ?Just a whole lot if problems and mistakes is what I feel I am.
Lots to say.

Even I want to love my life seriously life in me, live it, I have only one in my hand.
Will I be able to be fully happy ever ? Will I be able to live fully, experience my youth ever before my hair turns grey ?and when I’ll be old will I only be like couldn’t do all those can’t help I had problems that time when I look back?
Is it only going to be this problems now and resentments, regrets and helplessness later?
If all the universe or God or whatever that power is , wanted me to have is all this then why this life ?why the potential I feel inside but can’t hone can’t use even a bit properly?
All it finally comes is to life is what you make it 😔. But seriously what about all these questions I just have one life even my eyes long to go to beautiful places, even my heart longs for good experiences with my friends and family and longs to be able to bring happiness to my parents and sister and grandparents .will I ever be able to do that or just be the inevitable parasite?
It’s like I give them stockholm syndrome , can’t leave me aren’t happily with me but they are great they yet love me they say. My heart longs to fulfill their dreams, my dreams , see them happy about me…
But I don’t know if it’s possible.

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I am sure it is possible! You should go ahead and discover things on your own! It is all part of your life’s journey! For your love life, I am sure it will not be long before you find somebody you will love forever!


Thank you for your encouragement 💞
But want to fall in love with my life…


Want my life to become that way the way I’d love it to be…


anything is possible. You’ve got this, I believe in you


I hope so…but sometimes future, the very ne,y day seems uncertain…


I hear how painful that is through your words. There are a lot of people who also deal with this. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it affects a lot of us.

You’ve exhibited great courage in taking the first step by reaching out. By explaining what you’re undergoing, you have identified the potential markers of where this pain is coming from and this is extremely important.

If I look back on my life, I’ve clashed with my parents on so many issues in the past. Some incidents when remembered do hurt but I also take care in remembering the good which outweighs the hurt. Surround yourself with good friends to confide in (if you’re comfortable with that). Otherwise the next time an incident occurs, please think of this platform and know that you are never alone.

Working on yourself and towards your goals is one of the best ways to make your parents proud. Recognising that you want to make your parents proud is also a step in the right direction… but making sure that you look after your own well being in the process is more important and should come first.

You are an amazing human being and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that from time to time. Remember once again - please reach out.

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Thank you so much for understanding 🥺💞
Yes I am happy I will be able to join the meet up 💞
I am thankful that some my friends understand and care for me to quite an extent.
I really want to make my parents happy but I am in place where I can’t yet do anything that makes me myself and them happy…😔
But felt so happy you care 💞


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow 😃


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